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The new year has arrived amidst political and economic uncertainty, with many investors looking to second citizenship programs for security. On the 14th December, the ZAR/USD rate was ZAR 15.14, and has since climbed to ZAR 16.58 exactly one month later. The burning question is how will the year unfold?

This week we will look at: How Powerful Is Your South African Passport and where on the global map it allows you to travel.

Your SA Passport Allows Visa Free Travel To 95 Countries

Did you know that South Africa is ranked 52nd on the visa restriction index?

The majority of the 95 countries we can travel to, can be found in South America and Africa, allowing South Africans freedom of travel primarily to third world countries and developing regions.

For South Africans who travel frequently to the UK, US and EU, this can be restrictive and we find that many business travelers have several passports at different embassies waiting for visas.

Tedious and inefficient, yes?

The link indicates which countries you can travel to visa free on a South African passport.

how powerful is your passport

(Source: Wikipedia)

South Africa Allows Dual Citizenship – How Can You Benefit?

In short, holding a South African citizenship can be restrictive. Visa applications are tedious, they require standing in long queues, and being subjected to endless questionnaires. Next they will be asking for blood samples.

As the political and economic landscape shifts, investors and families are looking for the security, access and freedom of travel that a second passport offers. Have you considered your options?

Second passport south africa

Why A Second Passport?

  1. Freedom of travel – Global mobility and access

  2. Wealth protection

  3. Expand business – global opportunities

  4. Back up option for your family

  5. Privacy

Citizenship by investment programs are offering families the freedom, security and global access of a second passport. Thinking of becoming a world citizen and acquiring a second passport? Contact us to find out which countries on the world’s top 10 offer citizenship through investment.

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