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Discover Your Path to Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

Caribbean Countries that offer (CBI) Citizenship by Investment

  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • St.Kitss & Nevis
  • St Lucia
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What are the benefits of Caribbean Citizenship by investment?

visa free travel to over 150 countries

Enjoy visa-free travel up to 156 countries with Caribbean citizenship through investment programs.  These include the UK, Canada and Schengen area amongst others.

short processing times

Processing times vary between 3 to 6 months.  All the Caribbean countries we cater for allow for Dual Citizenship.

take the whole family

Cover the whole family, spouse, children and dependant parents, under one application.  In some cases you are even able to bring dependent siblings.

free or subsidised primary healthcare

Citizens have access to free or subsidized primary healthcare for the whole family.

no language tests

No language tests required to secure your citizenship

free public education

Citizens have access free public education for your children, increasing their global competitive edge.

With So Many Options,
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Our services are highly specialised and personalised by the nature of what we do.  Our service offering is turnkey and comprehensive.  Feel free to let us know about all your unique requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Why Should people invest in the caribbean?

Notwithstanding the benefits listed above, it should be added that the Caribbean offers diverse investment opportunities, beautiful island living in a growing economy. 

What is the best Caribbean Citizenship program?

This question is best answered once you have established the most important reasons for seeking a second passport.  Talk to one of our agents for guidance on which program is best for you.

How to get a Caribbean passport?

The isn’t a Caribbean passport as such, but rather a passport of one of the Caribbean Islands.  These can be obtained through birth, naturalisation, descent, marriage, Commonwealth citizenship or Citizenship by Investment programs.

what is the caribbean passport ranking?

According to the latest Passport Index Rating, Barbados is number 22 with visa free access to 165 countries.

What is the cheapest Caribbean Country to get Citizenship in?

Currently Antigua & Barbuda offers the cheapest way to Caribbean citizenship.

What is the Easiest Caribbean island to immigrate to?

Generally speaking Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada and St Lucia offer the easiest immigration routes.  However the issue of immigration has many factors and should be considered as a whole.

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment

Why Use LIO Global?

We've earned numerous awards

We have been named:

Residency through Investment Specialist of the year by MEA Business Awards

Winner of the Corporate Livewire Global Awards 2022/2023

Winner of the South African Prestige Awards 2023/2024

Investment Planning Specialist of the Year 2024 by Acquisition International

We've been featured in forbes fortune times magazine

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we are independent

We are a boutique and completely independent consultancy specialising in residency and citizenship by investment planning and processing for private clients and their families. 

We maintain a flawless success record, leveraging our extensive global network to ensure maximum benefit for our clients.


OUr Service offering is complete and comprehensive

Clients often come to us for advice on investing and growing or protecting their wealth, international banking, and establishing offshore companies and structures. 

We don’t pretend to know everything, and as such, do not offer services beyond the scope of our expertise and core service offering. 

We do however, have a trusted network of successful partner firms that we work very closely with to ensure our clients receive the same professional service and quality they have come to expect.

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All Caribbean Citizenship applications to increase significantly from 1 August 2024.