Citizenship-By-Investment Programs offer global independence
- the power and freedom that a second passport can offer

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In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of families from across the world investing in foreign citizenship. Politics, economic stability, crime and market conditions are generally the primary drivers for investors looking for the security and peace of mind of a second citizenship.

Families are looking for security and education opportunities for their children. 

They want them to have the freedom to explore the world on the own terms.

For business men and women alike, a second passport also offers the added benefit of global travel freedom and access.  

Our clients see the world differently, they are looking for more, a globally independent free life.

Citizenship Programs

Featured Programs


Malta's Individual Investor Program (MIIP) for citizenship was launched in 2012 and is one of the world's most exclusive and successful citizenship programs. Capped at 1800 investors, the program is likely to close early 2017. The program offers investors and their families citizenship in Malta in just over 1 year. There are no requirements to live in Malta or learn a language and the process is relatively straight forward. 

Malta offers access to one of the world's top 10 most powerful passports. Find out more. 


The Cypriot citizenship program has adapted over the years and currently offers several different investment options for citizenship. Investors have the freedom to invest in various sectors including business and real estate and offers citizenship in a very short space of time, 3 - 4 months. There are no requirements to live in Cyprus or learn the language and the program is relatively straight forward. 

Cyprus is attractive to investors who are looking for access to EU citizenship for their families. Find out more. 

United Kingdom

The UK Tier 1 investor program requires a minimum investment of GBP 2 million and the investor can choose one of three investment options. A minimum of 75% of the amount must be invested into the UK either through share or loan capital into active UK companies, or Government bonds. The remainder can be invested into assets such as real estate or deposited in a UK bank.

Investors are required to spend more than half of the time in the UK to qualify for permanent residency (PR). PR will remain in force as long as the holder does not spend more than 2 years consecutively outside the UK. 
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Belgium offers entrepreneurs and business owners a potential route to acquire Belgian residency and ultimately citizenship. It requires prospective investors to invest in the country, either through establishing a local company or being seconded by a foreign company operating in Belgium. A significant portion of the investment includes the funds required to established the business as opposed to being invested into real estate or donated, as required by some of the other EU countries.

After 6 years it is possible to achieve citizenship. Spouse and dependent children can be included in the application.
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