Global Citizenship - the story

Our clients are wealthy investors,

business owners and entrepreneurs who are searching for something more, a free life.

Families who are looking for smart ways to invest and diversify their citizenship in order to protect their lifestyle and wealth.

They want the opportunity for their children to be able to live, work, study and explore the world on their own terms.

Border-less and without limitations.

Our clients invest internationally in order to enjoy the global freedom and access that a second citizenship offers them.

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Human mobility has been part of mankind since the beginning of time. Although the world has become more accessible, the price of freedom has become notably more expensive.

As we have seen over the past years, stability, security and quality of life can change very quickly and sometimes dramatically.

Today many still believe that your passport is limited to the country you were born in. Such limitations are however disappearing as wealthy investors join the ranks of World Citizens.

We believe in global freedom and international independence. So do our clients. 

residency by investment

The Industry of acquiring another residence or passport

The industry of citizenship by investment (CBI) originated in countries needing to attract foreign direct investment in order to boost their economies and has since become a major international industry.

In recent years, more and more countries have joined the global movement and are now offering either residence or citizenship by investment programs in exchange for foreign investment.

Aside from the financial benefit, their focus is on the human capital aspect as they are looking to encourage these ‘new’ citizens to invest and bring
their resources into the country.



To the wealthy elite, a second passport offers security, access, and the global freedom to travel visa-free. Since

last year alone, we have seen a significant increase as more and more families are investing to become part of

the global community of World Citizens.

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