Giving families the freedom and access that EU residency offers

The security of a Plan B option and visa-free travel to the Schengen zone countries.

EU Residency Programs are some of the most popular investment programs offering investors and their families residency in exchange for a prescribed investment. Application time frames are typically quicker than that of the EU citizenship programs and tend to require a lower investment amount. 


Portugal’s Golden Visa Program requires a minimum investment of EUR 500 000 (or EUR 350 000) into real estate. 


Malta has two residency programs: The Malta Global Residence Program and the Malta Residence and Visa Program. 


The Cypriot Residence Program requires an investment of EUR 300 000 into real estate in Cyprus. 


The Greek Residence Program requires an investment of EUR 250 000 into real estate in Greece. 

Other Programs


Spain’s Golden Visa Program is similar to Portugal requiring an investment of EUR 500 000 into real estate. 


The Hungarian Residence Bond Program requires an investment of EUR 300 000 into Government bonds. This program is closed.

United Kingdom

The UK Tier 1 investor program is attractive for investors looking to physically reside in the UK. The Government requires a minimum investment of GBP 2 million and one must spend at least 50% of one’s time in the UK in order to qualify for permanent residency and later citizenship. 


Similar to the UK Tier 1 investor program, the USA EB5 program requires one to physically reside in the USA. The program offers investors a route to acquire a green card and citizenship with a minimum investment from USD 900 000. Dependent children can be included. 


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Contacting Nadia and team was the best decision we could possibly have made. Making decisions on foreign investment visas and citizenship programs is an emotionally driven issue in any family and her guidance and calm suggestions made us feel comfortable in the decisions we made. Her level of competence and professionalism would give us no doubts at all in recommending her services to anyone.
— Grenada Citizenship Client
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