Mauritius is known for its exquisite beaches, arguably some of the most beautiful in the world and its pleasant climate. What is not so often known is that it has attracted significant foreign investment in recent years and is experiencing strong and ongoing economic growth.  More and more people are moving here because it is a safe, secure country to live in with excellent schools, a beautiful lifestly and quality healthcare. It has also become one of the most business friendly countries in Africa.  Notably, income tax for individual residents and businesses is only 15%, while dividends and Capital Gains are exempt from tax.  There is no inheritance tax or tax on profits when selling a property, which makes it an attractive option for investment purposes. Mauritius offers best of both – attractive investment properties as well as a very beautiful holiday destination. 

Yields Est 5%

Rivière Noire District

Prices from $335,763


$3,400,000 ~ Includes family residency Visa

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LIVING ON THE ISLAND Mark Twain, once said that “Mauritius was made first, then heaven was copied from it”, and anyone who has visited the island would no doubt agree with him. Mauritius is renowned as a dream holiday destination with white sandy beaches and blue lagoons. While this is still the case, with the

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