USA EB-5 Investment to Increase from USD 500 000 to USD 900 000

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Are you wanting to immigrate to the USA?

Time is running out for a minimum investment of USD500 000 to access the US Green Card EB-5 Programme
On 21 November the minimum investment amount required to enter the US Green Card EB-5 Programme nearly doubles from USD500 000 to USD900 000. With the current exchange rate volatility, this amount changes daily in ZAR terms, and a Tweet from Donald Trump aimed at the Chinese, can add ten percent to the price in a week.

Given the complexities of the programme and the timeframes involved, it’s crucial that you select a professional sooner, rather than later, to walk with you through the process.

In order to secure a sustainable and job creating investment from your USD500 000, you will need counsel on a myriad of specific dynamics relating to US Targeted Employment Areas and Regional Centers. You will also need to understand the processes involved in application and what you’re entitled to as an investor in the programme. As an individual, your needs and circumstances will differ considerably from anyone else, so this decision is not one you can make at a seminar.

Our specialised team can assist you with the process. Our legal partners in the US and Regional Center partners have been carefully selected as they have a 100% success rate and are very particular about who they take on as clients.

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Important questions to consider:

  • What does my USD 500 000 buy?

  • How secure is my investment?

  • What are Regional Centers and Targeted Employment Zones?

  • How is my investment evaluated after the initial two years?

  • What happens if my investment doesn’t perform to the prescribed criteria?

  • Will my family and I be sent back to SA if my investment under-performs?

  • How long does it take before I get a fully valid Green Card?

  • How much does it cost to relocate to the US – buy property, rentals, schooling, best cities to live, etc?

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OPINION: How the wealthy are profiting from a 2nd passport

OPINION: How the wealthy are profiting from a 2nd passport

Aside from benefits such as freedom of travel and ease of access to international markets that a second passport offers for wealthy South Africans, many of these programs offer attractive property investments with good capital value retention, a currency hedge as well as growth.

More South Africans are looking at these 5 Caribbean countries for ‘cheaper’ passports

More South Africans are looking at these 5 Caribbean countries for ‘cheaper’ passports

Interview on BusinessTech: These are the top 5 Caribbean destinations South Africans are investing in for a second citizenship.

3 top citizenship-by-investment countries for South Africans (BusinessTech)

3 top citizenship-by-investment countries for South Africans (BusinessTech)

These are the top 3 citizenship-by-investment countries for South Africans.

The number of wealthy South Africans taking up a second residency or citizenship programme is rising progressively, says Nadia Read Thaele of LIO Global, a specialist firm in residence and citizenship-by-investment planning for private clients.

Interview with Here’s why Wealthy South Africans are Investing in Grenada

Grenada is top of mind for those looking for a second passport. Excellent international access to prized regions such as the UK, Schengen and China as well as the opportunity to own a property as part of a 5-star hotel group gives wealthy investors a very good reason to consider citizenship of the Spice Island.

FORBES: Rich Chinese Leaving China LIO Global

Author: Kenneth Rapoza

Want a second passport? LIO Global will get you there. They’re apparently helping rich Chinese leave the country.

According to LIO’s records, 91,000 high net worth individuals from China have settled overseas between over the last 14 years, according to a report by New World Wealth and LIO Global.

The report categorizes China’s rich as anyone with net assets of $1 million, not counting their primary residence. LIO Global said most of China’s rich are heading to the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.K. These aren’t second home operations, by the way. These are rich people high-tailing it out of China. (One can only imagine that the government’s recent anti-corruption laws have scared a few people off, but I digress…).

The number of rich people leaving China was the most among all countries. India came in second with 61,000 people relocating to other parts of the world between 2000 and 2014. France was third with 42,000 outgoing millionaires, followed by 23,000 leaving Italy and 20,000 leaving Russia.

“The main reason people go for a second residence or citizenship is to ensure freedom of global mobility and access, as well as security and protection of their wealth for their families,” said Nadia Read, head of LIO Global.

The report did not provide any specific motivation for the relocation of the Chinese wealthy.

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