Wellingborough’s House Price Growth: Wellingborough ranks top 10 in house price growth, with 15.5% rise in 2022 and a 28.8% increase since March 2020, per Halifax data.

Excellent Communication Links: Wellingborough boasts strong transport links, including a 50-minute train ride to London (St Pancras), regular rail service, and access to 4 international airports within 60 miles.

High Rental Demand: Wellingborough experiences high demand for rentals, from short-term stays for contractors/tourists to standard leases for professionals. Gross rental yields reach up to 6.5%.

Prime Business Location: Proximity to London and great travel connections make Wellingborough appealing for businesses. 2,500 businesses already operate in the area.

Stanton Cross Investment: Recent £1B Stanton Cross investment drives commercial growth, creating 3,000 jobs and diverse opportunities for businesses, from startups to global brands.

Transformative Investment: As a Growth Town, Wellingborough experiences ongoing investment, positioning it for a promising future, per North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy.



Sophie Gamborg
Guy Gillespie
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