Residency Through Investment Offers Families Access To Europe

Own Property in Europe and enjoy the benefits of EU Residency

Residency by investment programs offer investors and their families an affordable route to gaining temporary or permanent residency in Europe. They give families a backup option and peace of mind, and tend to be more affordable than the European citizenship programs.

What are the benefits of acquiring residency in the EU?

Holding an EU residency card grants the holder the freedom to live, work or study in the country of residency as well as the freedom to travel visa free in any of the Schengen zone countries. Residency does not, however, give the freedom to live anywhere in the EU - citizenship would be required for this. 

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What are the requirements to acquire a second residency? 

Residency Programs are some of the most popular programs as the investment criteria are typically lower than that of the citizenship programs. There are several different programs available and it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Typically the required investment is either into real estate or Government bonds, which must be held for around 5 years. Each program's requirements differ depending on what is prescribed by the legal framework. 

Residency Programs

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Portugal's Golden Visa Program requires a minimum investment of EUR 500 000 (EUR 350 000) into real estate. 


Malta has two residency programs: The Malta Global Residence Program and the Malta Residence and Visa Program. 


The Cypriot Residence Program requires an investment of EUR 300 000 into real estate in Cyprus. 


The Greek Residence Program requires an investment of EUR 250 000 into property in Greece. 


Spain's Golden Visa Program is similar to Portugal requiring an investment of EUR 500 000 into real estate. 


The Hungarian Residence Bond Program is now closed.

UK Tier 1

The UK Tier 1 investor program requires a minimum investment of GBP 2 million to qualify.

USA Eb-5

The USA Eb-5 Program requires a minimum investment of USD 500 000 in order to qualify.


Belgium off­ers a potential route to acquire Belgian residency and ultimately citizenship. 


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