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About us

Where LIO Global Began

Nadia Read Thaele is the founder and CEO of boutique investment migration firm LIO Global, a company specialising in residency and citizenship by investment. Nadia founded LIO Global in 2014 after realising the need in South Africa for an independent specialist firm in the field of residency and citizenship by investment. Having grown up with dual nationality, lived in various European cities and having caught the travel bug at an early age, Nadia is a global citizen with a global outlook, mindset and network. With private clients across the African continent, we have seen an increased demand in investors looking to expand their property portfolios and invest in real estate outside of their home country.

Almost all countries offering residency /citizenship programmes are doing so to attract foreign investment, and while many of the investments to qualify are in real estate, these are not necessarily geared towards generating long term returns for the investor. We are transparent with our clients that they should separate the residency/citizenship needs from their property investments needs, as while they may overlap, they do not necessarily align. Hence, LIO Global International Property Collection was born to focus on offering smart global property investments.


Meet Guy Gillespie

As an entrepreneur with a keen eye for real estate in all its forms, I have a personal mission to continue to learn and grow in the business of real estate investment. My focus on investment property is rooted in providing a solid rental yield & capital growth with my own portfolio and for my clients.

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry as the Principal of an Estate Agency, I have dedicated my career to helping individuals and families purchase all forms of real estate including turn-key property investments in South Africa in both Cape Town, Johannesburg and Internationally.

What sets us apart?

Our team has a proven track record for providing clients with successful investment property; with consultants who have 15 + years international property experience.  Whether you are an individual looking for a high-yielding property investment, a company looking to hedge against the rand in a safe and reliable tangible asset, looking to diversify your portfolio, or looking for something more bespoke we can provide expert advice through our extensive understanding and knowledge of the offshore property market.

Building a real estate portfolio

Our focus is not making an individual sale but on helping our clients build an international property portfolio. We are here for the long term and seek to build generational wealth through smart property investment choices


Our team of specialist consultants is here to guide you through the process of establishing and building your international property portfolio.

We are not here for the one off sale; our focus is on establishing a long term relationship with you and while you invest in international property, we invest in you.

Purchasing in a foreign country

Purchasing property in a foreign country can be complicated and time consuming. We assist our clients in buying excellent property and ensuring that the process is smooth and transparent. To do this, it is important for our clients to fully understand the necessary steps, regulations and processes involved.

Property Acquisitions Service

For clients looking for something more bespoke, we have our select property acquisitions service.

Through this service, we are able to offer clients access to off-market opportunities.

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