Why Become A Global Citizen

Families across the world are investing in a second citizenship for a variety of reasons, including greater global freedom and mobility, as well as wealth protection, diversifying their assets and accessing education
opportunities for their children.


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Global Freedom, Mobility & Access

Personal and professional freedom as well as global access are strong influencers for investors and their families. Malta’s passport, for example, offers visa free travel to over 165 countries and is listed as one of the top 10 most powerful passports to have. Our clients enjoy the global freedom of travel and mobility that a second passport affords them. South Africans can only travel to around 95 countries, Nigerians to 48 and Angolans to 41, as an example. For globally minded business owners and entrepreneurs, this can be very limiting. citizenship-by-investment affords them global travel freedom.

Security, Wealth Protection & Education

In countries, such as in the Middle East and Africa, where political unrest, violence and turmoil can make living conditions difficult, family safety is a real concern for investors. As crime statistics become worse, many families are looking at safer environments in which to raise their children and better education opportunities. Similarly, wealth protection also plays an important role. Investors are looking to diversify their wealth globally in order to leverage greater security.

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